Pay for Events

Please view the options below to pay for any payment required Troop events, such as campouts, excursions, tours, etc. You will be informed whether an event is payment required when viewing the event on the Events/Register page and on the event's Registration Form.

IMPORTANT: When making payments, in the memo/description box, please type the

Please do not include any extra notes or words in the memo/description box.

Once we receive payment and Scout information, the attendees will be marked as paid, and your Scout(s) will be good to go for the paid event. Thanks!

Description Box format: EVENT NAME; Name 1, Name 2, etc...

Example: Trail to First Class Campout; John Doe

Scout Account Credit: In accordance with rules pertaining to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, including Troop 412 Fountain Valley, if a Scout has Scout Credit (money saved in Scout's Scout Account from fundraising), that Scout may apply their Scout Credit towards a Troop Event or other Scouting-related functions. Scout Credit cannot be traded for money, and purchases that are not Scouting-related cannot be made using Scout Credit. Scout Credit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Payment Options

Payable to:

Go contactless, pay easily and securely with Venmo!

Venmo Privacy Notice

While Venmo is a safe and secure platform, please note that any transactions made are by default public. That's right, ANYONE on Venmo can see the transaction and memo you just submitted. Find that a little too revealing? No problem! To make transactions and activity private,

Payable to:

Go contactless, pay easily and securely with Zelle!

Write a Check

Payable to: Troop 412

Good old fashioned, but must be dropped off in-person at a Troop Meeting. Checks are not accepted electronically or remotely.

Scout Credit

Payable to: Troop 412

Please contact the Troop Treasurer to apply Scout Credit to a Troop Event. If all Scout Credit is used towards the event, any applicable remaining balance can be paid with any of the payment options above.