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Our website is currently out of commission for hosting new events.

We invite you to use TroopTrack to view, RSVP, and print Permission Slips for, all new and upcoming events.

Note: Additional forms, like Google Forms, may be required.

Registration requirements will be listed on event emails and TroopTrack.

COVID-19 updates will continue to be published here.

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Upcoming Troop Events

Please be aware that all listed dates and times are in Pacific Daylight Time. Event details are subject to change. Alerts will be sent when event details change. Event alerts and detailed information will only be sent to the email address provided on the registration form. If you cannot make it to an event and have already signed up, please email the SPL.

Upon registering for an event, you will receive an email receipt confirming that your spot is secured for the activity. Please do not fill out any event registration form more than once for the same person. Duplicate names on our attendance sheets may be removed from the event altogether. If you do not receive an email receipt, please contact the form creator for help.

When signing up, you may enter your primary contact email address. You do not need to use your Google email address.

It is required that all participants bring a filled and signed Authorization and Consent for Minor (Permission Slip) to the event. Visit Printable Forms for the slip. Due to COVID-19, certain events or activities may require additional forms or documentation. Check with your specific event's registration form and/or webpage for more details.

Events will no longer be posted here. 

Please visit Troop 412's TroopTrack portal to view and register for upcoming events.

Please Note:

This website is not the main website of Troop 412. This site was created by SPL Timothy Thach and maintained by the PLC to better organize and display registration forms for Scouts to join our numerous fun activities offered at Troop 412. As such, this site may not always reflect the most recent information regarding the Troop. Please visit Troop 412's official site for Troop matters at or check out one of our social media pages below. Thank you.