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Alert: Our website is currently not hosting new events.

We invite you to use TroopTrack to view, RSVP, and print Permission Slips for, all new and upcoming events.

Note: Additional forms, like Google Forms, may be required.

Registration requirements will be listed on event emails and TroopTrack.

COVID-19 updates will continue to be published here.

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Effective 3/12/2022, MASK RULES EXPIRE! Please see Mask Rules below for more.

Help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Get tested before and after attending mass gatherings, traveling, or visiting a high-transmission place. Also, get tested following close contact with people who may have COVID-19 or if you were in a place where social distancing and/or mask-wearing was not practiced. See here for testing options.

View all OCBSA COVID-19 updates at

Find a Vaccination Site Near You!

The COVID-19 Vaccine is a large step toward protecting yourself against COVID-19. When you're ready, you may use the government search tool from below to help you find a vaccination site easily.

All people 6 months old and up are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Those 5 years old and up are eligible to receive booster doses.

Vaccines are FREE.

Source: CDC

Get Tested!

Testing is generally available solely on a as-needed basis, and may not be covered by the government nor personal healthcare plan. Please review the criteria for testing according to each testing provider.

Mask Rules

Masks are recommended in travel, healthcare, and senior living settings. However, masks are no longer required by the government in any setting within California. If traveling out of state or abroad, check with local government agencies for up to date health requirements and information.


Testing, Vaccination Requirements to Enter U.S.

COVID-19 testing and proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter the United States for all travelers.

Visit for more.



All travel restrictions have ended for those entering Canada. This includes testing, vaccination, quarantine, and mask-wearing requirements, which all ended on the aforementioned date.


Source: (government website)



There are no domestic restrictions currently.


Carpooling has fully resumed without restriction.